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Crawl Space Odor Removal

Portland crawl space cleanouts


Have you ever noticed an odor in your home and can’t figure out where it’s coming from? Or how about some unexplained respiratory problems? You may have a problem in your crawl space. Some of the air you’re breathing is coming from the crawlspace and this could be bad news if your crawl space is contaminated with rodent feces and urine.


What is a crawl space?

A crawl space is the area under the floor that holds the ventilation system, wiring and support beams that your home sits on. They are usually just a couple feet tall and require people to crawl through in order to do plumbing or electrical work.


I’ve had odor or rodent issues in the past, What should I do?

If you have ever had rodent issues or unexplained odors, you are going to want to have your crawl space inspected and cleaned right away. Rodents love to hang out in the crawl space and can leave trails of droppings and pools of urine before they move on to somewhere else or just simply die in your crawlspace. What makes this issue even worse is that all your air ducts run through the crawl space and will pick up all the foul smelling odor and bacteria left from the rodents. This could lead to some serious health problems.


What can Bio-One do to help?

Bio-One specializes in biohazard and odor remediation. Once we get the go ahead to work on a crawl space we will first and foremost identify the source of the odor and come up with a plan to remediate the problem. Typically what we see on the jobs is a mixture of rodent wastes and standing water passing the odor through the vents and subfloor of the home. 


Our process for complete odor removal

What we do to solve this issue is by first removing insulation that has rat nests and feces. Next we remove any standing water, rodent droppings, nests, organic debris/nesting material, and contaminated vapor barrier. We then replace the old vapor barrier with a new vapor barrier to help control the humidity from damaging your homes foundation and support beams. Lastly we use our chemical treating process to break down and eliminate odors that are absorbed into the wood structures.