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Portland Crime Scene Clean Up

Portland Crime Scene Clean Up


Violent Crime in the city is at an all time high this year. While we can’t stop the unthinkable from happening we can intervene in the families lives and help save them from further trauma.


Why utilize a professional?


Blood clean up in Portland should only be done by professionals like the team here at Bio One. Without proper training you run the risk of catching diseases from bloodborne pathogens. If the Biohazards are not cleaned properly they could even cause structural damage to the house as well as further odors. 


The team here at Bio One PDX understands the complexity and trauma of those affected. We believe no one should have to go through the pain of cleaning up after a loved one. That's why we go through a rigorous process to “erase” the scene so that no one has to retraumatize themselves. 


Response time is everything. We know that there are important documents and personal items to retrieve from the home. That's why we can often be on sight within an hour if need be. Our phone is available 24/7 for any emergency.