Bio-One of Portland decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Property Managers! We can help!

Protecting your property from damages and odors is a necessary investment too many homeowners forget to do. Here at Bio-One we have been able to help countless property managers and homeowners relieve foul odors and debris from their homes. Let’s talk about some of the most common issues property owners come across and how we can help.


Issue #1 Contaminated attics/crawl spaces 

If there has ever been a mice issue in the home and a foul odor it's very likely due to rodent feces. Unfortunately mice like to nest in crawl spaces and attics and leave behind droppings. This can be a major source of odor for the home if not treated correctly. 


What Bio-One can do about this 

Whether the issue is in the crawl space or attic we will remove all contaminated insulation and vapor barrier. We will also be able to utilize our chemical treating process to eliminate any remaining odor.


Issue #2 junked homes 

Trashed out homes can be a real stress to clean out when a tenant leaves. Often rotting food, garbage and even human waste can be left in these homes. It also means it can attract rodents if not dealt with correctly. 


How Bio-One remediates this

We have the expertise and experience to remediate these situations in as little as 1-2 days! We can not only remove all the contents of the home but also deep clean it making it move in ready right away. Utilizing Bio-One saves the cost of hiring 3-4 different cleaning professionals because we can do all of it! Schedule a free estimate by calling us at 503-277-8763.