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So You Think You Need Bio-One?


Here at Bio-One, we are dedicated to helping people through their messy times. “Help first, Business second” is our mission statement that we are highly committed to. Crime and trauma scene cleanup isn’t easy, and often seems impossible, which is exactly why we are here. We want to take the overwhelming load off of you and get you focusing on your fresh start. We offer biohazard cleanup and remediation services for decontaminating and disinfection.


I'm not sure where to begin.  How does this process work?”


First, we want you to know that there isn’t much we haven’t seen or cleaned. We understand the natural level of anxiety and embarrassment that tends to accompany these situations and those feelings are normal, but we don’t want them to stop you from getting the help you need. That being said, we do need your full cooperation in order for us to do our job as efficiently as possible. Honesty is vital in not only job performance, but ensuring the safety of our crew and yourselves. Our team is thoughtfully curated to have skilled biohazard cleaning technicians who are passionate about their job.  


So, once the initial call is made, whether it be by a friend, family member, property owner, or the hoarder themselves, we are able to dive into the situation and what we can do for you. And again, the more honest you are with us about the problem, the more honest we can be with you about the solution. Of course, everyone can have a different idea of “how bad” a situation is, so we always try to make it out to the scene to see for ourselves to give you the most accurate bid. Our bids are always free and take just about 30 minutes to view the scene. We will talk to whoever the point of contact may be, and take pictures, with your permission, for later review. These photos are always confidential unless discussed otherwise. These bids are for us to acquire a better understanding of your needs and an opportunity for us to share what we see is needed. We like to lay out what the process should look like so you are fully aware of what we’re doing. We are also open to discuss and answer questions before, during and after the job. 


After we’ve been able to view the property ourselves, we can head back to the office to review photos, crunch numbers and piece together a detailed job proposal and cost estimate in writing for you.


“What are the factors that go into bidding a hoarding clean-up job?”


There are quite a few variables for jobs like this. Here are a few:


What is the size of the home? 


How many floors does it have, and is there a basement or a garage and/or shed?   


Just how much clutter is there and how many dumpsters will be needed? 


Are there bio-hazards such as feces, urine, blood, or needles inside the home? 


How many of my crew members will we need and how long will it take us to finish the job? 


Is there water damage or mold? 


Are there mice, roaches, or any other creatures in the home? 


All of these questions, and many more, need to be considered when preparing an estimate.


I hope this has answered some of your questions about the hoarding clean-up process.  I also hope it has alleviated some of your concerns. We hear time and time again from clients that have tried to clean up a property themselves, only to barely scratch the surface, become quickly overwhelmed, and realize that it would take them months, if not years, to finish the job.  We take great pride in making the process as easy and stress free for my clients, usually finishing the job in 2-3 days, with unbelievable results. If you have any situation you would like to discuss, whether it be about hoarding or any other bio-hazard clean-up situation, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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