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Unexpected Death Clean Up


Unattended death cleaning

Losing someone you love is something no one can mentally or physically prepare for. The pain and trauma that comes in the wake of an unexpected death often leaves family and friends in confusion and shock. Amidst this confusion, individuals may feel like they need to take care of the scene themselves and clean it. This could be very dangerous and further traumatize the individual. 


What to do immediately after an unexpected death

After law enforcement and family have been notified you will want to contact a Biohazard cleaning company right away. This will help protect family and friends from further traumatizing themselves when they go and collect important documents and belongings. If you are in this situation right now you can call our 24/7 emergency line at 503-277-8763. The owner will pick up and help you navigate this situation.


Can’t I just clean it myself?

Unattended death and bio-hazard cleaning is much more complicated than just ordinary cleaning. This is because the decomposition process begins rather quickly and releases harmful bacteria to all the contaminated areas. This bacteria is what causes the odor during decomposition. It is crucial to be aware that:

  • Cleaning up after the death of a loved one without the proper training and PPE runs the risk of catching blood borne illnesses and further traumatizing yourself.
  • Porous material like carpet, wood, and drywall absorb bodily fluids and will become a hazard if not properly disposed or remediated of.
  • Traditional home cleaning products will not provide an adequate solution to biohazard messes such as human decomposition
  • Even a small amount of bodily fluid left untreated can make a residence unlivable.


Will insurance cover this?

Yes. If the deceased has a homeowners insurance policy they will most likely cover the cost of the cleanup. Our team works very closely with the insurance company to make sure that they cover the cost of the service. We will even cover the cost of the deductible in most cases. 


What to do if you’re unsure about an insurance policy. 

We have come across many situations where a tragedy has happened and there is no knowledge about whether or not there is a homeowners insurance policy. In the immediate fall out of a tragedy this won't hinder our response time to a job sight. We believe that no family member should ever be exposed and re-traumatized by cleaning up the loss of a loved one. This means we do whatever we can to discount the price and make it affordable for those paying out of pocket. We often go into a job knowing that it may be done pro bono. 


Need help?

Don't let anyone become further traumatized by this event. Reach out to Phill or Angela at 503-277-8763 and they will help you right away.